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Online Prescription Services

Our practice currently has two online services for requesting prescriptions. Our older service has been available for many years, and is run by . The older service allows you to type in your medication details and submit an online request. The older service does not connect to your patient record and therefore you are responsible for updating your current list of medication on this website. If a medication has been stopped by your doctor or nurse, you must delete it from your medication list yourself.

Our newer online service for requesting prescriptions online is run by This service connects to your medical record and this means that your list of repeat medications is always up to date. We are strongly encouraging all patients to register for the new service, which also allows you access to online appointment booking. Please read more about the new service on our Online Services Page.

Appointment Availability Week Starting 14th October 2019

As there can be some variation in the number of routine GP appointments available to book each day of the week, we would like to advise you on the days you are most likely to be able to book an appointment. We will update this information weekly.

Monday 14th October: Average availability No online appointments
Tuesday 15th October: Average availability No online appointments
Wednesday 16th October: Average availability No online appointments
Thursday 17th October: Good availability
Friday 18th October: Average availability No online appointments

Emergency surgeries run every day for patients with urgent medical problems that cannot wait until the next day for attention.

Practice Closure - Afternoon of Wednesday 9th October

The practice will be closed for Protected Learning Time between 12.30pm and 6pm. It will re-open for normal service on Thursday 10th October at 8.30am. In the case of an emergency when the practice is closed, you should dial 999 for an ambulance.  If you require urgent medical care then please telephone NHS 24 on 111.

Flu Vaccination Clinics

All patients over sixty-five and patients with certain chronic diseases such as asthma, diabetes or cardiovascular disease are eligible for flu vaccination, as are patients who have compromised immunity (e.g. chemotherapy patients). Unpaid carers who look after a friend or family member can also be vaccinated and it is recommended that all pregnant women are vaccinated. If you are unsure if you are eligible for flu vaccination this year, please ask at the practice.

We are holding a Flu Day on the morning of Saturday the 5th of October from 9am to 12 noon. If you wish to attend this day then you must book your appointment in advance. Please telephone the week starting the 23rd of September. 

Other flu clinics will be available to book at the practice before and after the Flu Day, so please get in touch with us after 23rd of September to organise your vaccination.

School aged children will be given flu vaccinations at school. If your child misses their vaccination at school then please get in touch with us to arrange it here at the practice.

Children aged two to five will be vaccinated here at the practice  and clinic details will be released in the near future. Check our website or phone the practice towards the end of September for more information.

Asthma - Salbumatol inhaler changes on Prescription

GPs and Pharmacy Practice advisers in Midlothian have made a decision to improve prescribing requests for Salbutamol inhalers.

Too many requests may indicate poor management of Asthma.

Strathesk Medical Practice has changed the salbutamol prescriptions to 1 inhaler per order (200 puffs per inhaler).

If you need more than one Salbutamol inhaler per month this would indicate you need to be reviewed at the asthma clinic and make an appointment.

If you are multi-dosing and using more than 6 puffs a day or your breathing has become more of a problem recently, please ensure you are taking your preventer inhaler (Clenil, Fostair, Relvar as prescribed).

If you feel your breathing has deteriorated suddenly, you may need to make an appointment with GP and be telephone triaged initially.

New Royal Hospital for Sick Children and Young People opening indefinitely delayed

As has been widely reported, the opening of the new hospital, which was due to open on 9th July 2019, has been indefinitely delayed. You can read the Scottish Government's response :

Please continue to use the existing Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Sciennes until further notice. We will update you with any further news as this becomes available.

New Midlothian Transport Guide

Forward Mid, Midlothian's Disability Equality Form, have created a brand new up to date transport guide for travelling from Midlothian. You can download this by clicking here.

Weekly Staff Training - Wednesday 12.30 - 1.30pm

The practice will be closed 12.30 - 1.30pm each Wednesday for staff training.

If you are arriving for a pre-booked appointment during this time, please just take a seat in the waiting room.

If you phone the practice when it is closed for staff training, you will be provided with a number to call if you require emergency GP assistance. For all other calls, please ring back when we re-open at half past one.

Changes to Gabapentin and Pregabalin Prescriptions

Changes to the law surrounding the supply of medicines coming into force from 1st April 2019 mean that prescriptions for gabapentin and pregabalin will be more tightly controlled.

Gabapentin and pregabalin are safe and effective for conditions such as neuropathic pain relief, anxiety or epilepsy when taken as prescribed by your GP or specialist. However, there are increasing reports of patients coming to harm when it is misused and this is the reason for the additional controls.  You may be asked to attend the practice for review of your medicine.

A prescription for gabapentin or pregabalin prescription now requires the following before it can be supplied by the pharmacy.
These include;
• The prescription is only valid for 28 days from the date printed on it and must be dispensed by a pharmacy within that time.
• The practice has to issue a maximum of 30 days’ supply on prescription—quantities may be reduced to 28 days supply to comply with this.
• Gabapentin and pregabalin are no longer allowed to be supplied via the ‘Chronic Medication Service’ offered by community pharmacies. Prescriptions need to be issued by the practice each month.

These changes will take time to put in place, so please be patient whilst we try to ensure the prescriptions we issue are legally correct. If they are not correct, the pharmacy cannot dispense them.

Please note - Prescriptions for these medicines:
Will not be replaced if lost.
May not be issued early.

March 2019 Update on appointments

We have been very aware that our appointments system is causing a lot of unhappiness amongst our patients. We have been reading the patient feedback forms and have been discussing with staff how to better manage our appointments. With the limited capacity that we currently have we are trying to be more flexible with our appointment availability. Should you encounter difficulties accessing a routine appointment, please inform reception staff who will do their best to accommodate you.

Self Check In now available

You may now check into your appointments using our Self Check In machine in the main waiting room. This is an optional service but patients may find it helpful if there is a queue at the reception desk. However in the case of any problems using the Self Check In machine, please let the receptionist know.

Thursday 6th September 2018 - Practice List Restricted

With effect from 6th September 2018 until further notice, our practice list is restricted for new patients.

 We will only be accepting new babies, household members and assigned patients.

 Currently all three practices in Bonnyrigg Health Centre are operating on this basis. Therefore, if you are not in one of the groups above, in order to register with a practice in the area you will be required to telephone NHS Lothian Practitioner Services on 0345 300 1024 (choose option 4). They will allocate you to a practice by letter. This is to ensure a fair allocation of new patients across all three Bonnyrigg practices. If you are allocated to our practice then please bring your letter from the Health Board with you when you attend to collect your registration forms. No patient moving into the area will be left without a GP.

Quit Your Way - Local Stop Smoking Services

Smokefree East and Midlothian is a local NHS run service to help you stop smoking. They have a base here in Bonnyrigg Health Centre and run drop in support groups across East and Midlothian. You can refer yourself by telephoning 0131 537 9914, and have the option of individual appointments if you do not wish or are unable to attend a group. You can also be referred by your GP. Local pharmacies also provide free stop smoking support and medication. Click here to read more about stopping smoking and to view the Smokefree support group timetable.

General Data Protection Regulation

General Data Protection Regulation is a new data protection law that comes into effect from 25th May 2018. We have created an information leaflet about this, which you can read as a .pdf file or as a Word document - please click on the links to open the leaflet.

Our practice keeps medical records confidential and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation. We hold your medical record so that we can provide you with safe care and treatment. You can read our Privacy Statement in full on our Data Protection page.

New Practice Physiotherapy Service

We have a Specialist Physiotherapist, as an alternative to an appointment with the GP, for people with a muscle, bone or joint problem.
The Physiotherapist can assess your condition and help you to develop a plan on how to manage it, and will liaise with the GP where required.
To help direct you to the most appropriate person we will need to ask a few questions. Please don’t be offended.
The practice physiotherapist does not provide ongoing treatment, however if this is required you can be referred on.

Patient Results - Best to Telephone

In our practice, clinicians are able to organise certain tests inhouse - we can check blood results, as well as take sputum, urine or stool samples and swabs when clinically required. The doctors are also able to refer patients to hospital for x-rays, ultrasound scans and MRI scans as required.

The results of the tests that your doctor or nurse have arranged return to the practice and you are able to contact us to find these out. We recommend you telephone the practice for your results rather than ask for them at reception desk. This is because it is more confidential. If you ask for your results at our reception desk, your conversation with the receptionist may be overheard by others. You may ring for your results after 10.00 am each day.

We do understand that sometimes a patient may not be able to telephone the practice, for example if they do not have a telephone or cannot use one, and if this is the case we will always try to maintain confidentiality at our reception desk.





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